Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where have I been #2?!

Hi everyone! I know it has been quite awhile and I have been a horrible blogger the past couple of months but now that everything is settled, I am back and ready to jump right back into my blogging groove :)

I moved into a new place last month and I couldn't be more excited about it! Everything about it is perfect. Since I have been busy with work lately I haven't had the opportunity to furnish and decorate as much as I would like but I have so much planned and I am looking forward to decorating AND sharing the transformation with all of you.

During this little hiatus my boyfriend and I were foster parents to a sweet, little pup named Rook. He is 6 months old and a Brittany just like my dogs, Tucker and Jeice. Three dogs was definitely a handful but we all had a blast! Rook was part of our little family for about 2 months before he left for his forever home. It was bittersweet to watch him leave but he still lives in the area which will allow us to see him regularly.
In addition to those two major events, Tuck turned one!! My little guy isn't so little anymore but he's still the biggest ball of love that I know:) 
Like I mentioned earlier, life has been all over the place for me lately but I'm back and I hope you stick around!

Talk to you soon! xx

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