Friday, May 30, 2014


Hi everyone! Last week I had the pleasure of meeting some of the PetBox team as well as some of their office dogs :) In case you don't already know, PetBox is a subscription you can purchase for your beloved dog (or cat!) so they can receive a fun surprise every month! The moment I learned this company was based close to home I knew I had to check it out. Not only are they local, but they also provide quality products that my dogs are able to try out and they introduce us to awesome companies we have never heard of before.

What makes PetBox different from other pet subscription boxes is that YOU are able to choose what you receive in your box. However, if your are like myself and enjoy surprises, you have the option of choosing to have a box put together for your pet by the PetBox team.  What made me love PetBox even more is the fact that they give back. For every box that is shipped, they feed a rescue animal and partner with shelters and rescues all over the U.S. to help care for the neglected animals. They have teamed up with BOGO Bowl to donate food and supplies to shelters/rescues (nominated by us!!) each week.

Tuck and Jeice received their first PetBox this past weekend and got a bunch of fun treats! Everything sent this month was chosen for us and we are already excited to try choosing what comes in our box next month just to see what other awesome items they have available. They offer toys, treats, food, supplements and more...all made in the USA! I will have a review up shortly on the goodies we received in our May box.

*also included was a Hyrdo Ball but the boys were too busy playing with it at the time of this shot :p*

PetBox offers a variety of plans starting at $29/mo and you are guaranteed a minimum retail value of $50 in every box! Great deal if I do say so myself :) did I mention that shipping is free? (score!!!!) If you are interested in giving them a shot, use lovetuckblog at checkout to receive 50% your first month! If you have tried PetBox already or plan to soon, lemme know what you think in the comments below!

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