Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Cold Outside! : Pets are people too linkup

Hi everyone! I live in southern California so it doesn't really get too cold here but when it does, a majority of us are wimps and complain about freezing when its probably only about 50degrees out. I say only because I'm pretty sure a lot of you live in places where it can be significantly colder. I'm not going to lie, I like the cold because it allows me to layer up BUT I complain about being freezing cold when the temperature drops below 60. My dogs aren't used to the cold either! Tuck in particular. I will open the door first thing in the morning to let him take care of business and he'll run outside, immediately run back inside, realize he can't hold it, run back out to potty then race back inside to the warm spot on the bed and curl up in a little ball. This has been his morning routine this past week. It has been really cold the past couple nights so Tuck and Jeice snuggled up together in the crate!
These boys haven't slept in a crate in months but with the cold weather they both decided to sleep in the same one willingly.

I normally don't put clothes on my dogs and they usually put up a good fight to not wear anything but haven't had a problem lately. They wear these sweaters like champs <3 handsome champs at that!
Luckily it's usually only cold in the morning and at night so during the day they are able to drive around with their dad with the windows down. They're both huge fans of putting their heads out the window! We invested in a Kurgo zipline with attachments, sort of like seatbelts, so they won't fall out:) The wind was a little cold at this moment, so they decided to pay attention to the road instead.
Afternoons are made for the beach no matter what the weather is! The boys had their own beach adventure the other day. Where else can you go to the beach around the holidays without freezing your tail off??

To the pet parents, how do you and your pets stay warm when it's cold out?

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  1. My pup experienced frost for the first time the other day and he wasn't too keen either - they look very cute in their sweaters though :)

    1. Thanks!:) Its really funny because they don't mind their sweaters when it's cold out but any other time they run laps around the house and avoid the opportunity to put them on

  2. Isn't it funny how we all freak out in CA when it's like barely cold? I have been wearing like five scarves to work every day. And I work inside in an office lol. Your pups are SO cute! Mine have been sharing a bed too - they must be super cold!

    Cute post,


    1. Me too!! lol i layer up as if I'm ready for snow! &thank you:) I think it's adorable when pet siblings keep each other warm<3

  3. awww so cute! it's much colder around us so my pups get really mad at the cold weather but I think they're used to it. it's nice that they do their business much faster now! thanks for linking up with us!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. thanks Jackie! your pups would definitely think mine are big wimps when it comes to cold weather lol

  4. Jack likes to sleep upstairs with the humans when it gets cold. Its currently about 8 degrees out. He even willingly sleeps with Boomer, who he refers to as the tiny human. :) Your boys are adorable!

  5. Awww they are sooo sweet!! My dog is loving the snow and cold weather in MI :)

    happy holidays!



  6. it doesn't get super cold here either & i complain too, haha.
    & oh my goodness, your dogs are so cute!!!

  7. ahh! these puppies are too cute for words.

  8. Your dogs are too adorable! Too cute with the sweaters :)

    Suzie Q