Saturday, December 7, 2013

SG Cosmetics Holiday Palette

Hi everyone! I have a review today for the Studio Gear Cosmetics Holiday Smokey Eye Palette. Now, I have had this palette for a little while but I wanted to test it out a couple times before giving you guys my opinion.

I want to start off with the packaging.
I think the packaging is adorable and absolutely perfect for the holidays! It is so sleek and would make a perfect stocking stuffer or to carry in your bag for any event/party because it doesn't take up much space. I also like how it provides a guide on how to achieve the perfect smokey eye using the shadows and blush provided as soon as you open up the product.

As far as color pigmentation goes, the shadows and blush look great and swatch really well but I couldn't for the life of me achieve what I consider the right smokey eye on myself no matter what technique I used. I think it may have to do with the shadows having more shimmer than I personally like wearing. However, I tested out this product on some of friends with a lighter skin tone than me and this palette looked stunning! Here are some swatches of the shadows that I swatched on myself:
(from left to right: Frost, Coal, Glimmer and Platinum)

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a decent swatch of the Snowy Glow blush because it didn't show up too well on my skin. Like I mentioned earlier, the blush gives a beautiful glow to lighter skin tones but it kind of gave me a washed out sort of look.

All in all I would recommend this palette! The shadows are stunning if you are into shimmer which is perfect for the holidays. I just personally don't like wearing much shimmer, if any at all, but I do like the way it looks on other people. The blush is the only thing that kind of threw me off a bit just because it looks so pretty on the palette, it just doesn't show as well on me as I had hoped.

Right now you can get this palette for only $25 (reg.$40) AND Studio Gear Cosmetics is giving you 10% off your entire purchase if you enter in the code SGHOLIDAY when you check out.

*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Talk to you soon! xx


  1. The swatches look nice. Its a shame it didnt work well on your eyes

  2. I was a little bummed! its not that it looked bad, I just wouldn't use all the shadows all at once because of all the shimmer. I'm really pleased how both glimmer and coal look with some matte shadows I already own:)

  3. That's odd that the blush didn't work out, it looks so nice and like it would be pigmented really well.