Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekly Wishes #2

Hi! It's time for weekly wishes:) I know I mentioned I was going to be back on my normal posting schedule this week but I failed miserably and have just been super busy with school. Thankfully there are only two days left then I will be able to get back into my blogging routine!

*this weeks picture theme was colorful. I chose this photo that I took when I visited Oahu, the blues and greens definitely give off a relaxing feel which is exactly what I need for this week*

1|  Start Christmas shopping. I'm starting later than usual this year and although I plan on making a lot of the gifts this year, I would like to finish Christmas shopping, have everything wrapped and ready to go. I really don't like when I forget people so this will give me the opportunity to make sure I remember everyone on my list!

2| Get back on schedule. My pride and joy of a blog has taken a hit the past couple weeks because of school and work. I want to get back to daily posts and get started on my new blog design that I have had planned for the past month.

3| Catch up with good company. I would love to see and spend time with some of my friends this week. I haven't really had much of a social life lately because my schedule has only consisted of school, work, Tucker....in that order. It would be really nice to just hang out and not worry about having to be somewhere or finish a project or study.

How did I do last week?
I am glad to say that I accomplished two of the three which is definitely better than none! I went hiking about three times last week and dedicated some mornings to pilates. I was able to clean up the house quite a bit and get things back in order. Having a clean home was definitely a highlight of my week lol! I unfortunately didn't completely finish all of my final projects. I am currently working on my last one right now but decided to take a little break for this instead :)
The Nectar Collective

& now to conquer the rest of my finals!
Talk to you soon! xx

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