Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weekly Wishes #1

Hi everyone! The next two weeks are going to be pretty hectic for me since I have finals coming up. No doubt about it I am definitely starting to feel emotionally and mentally drained. There is a lot of work and studying that need to be done but I keep telling myself to suck it up because I'm almost done! On top of school, I have a job that gets ridiculously busy around the holidays. I am usually incredibly patient and probably the most patient person you'll ever meet but I have been a little short tempered lately. I feel bad about that and I'm pretty sure it is the result of all the pressure I'm under with school coming to an end.

In the midst of the craziness, I like taking breaks from everything by reading a book or catching up on blogs that motivate and/or inspire me. One of my favorite bloggers, Melyssa at The Nectar Collective, created the Weekly Wishes link-up that I have been following for awhile and finally decided to participate in! This is where you can post about/reflect on your wishes, goals, challenges, etc., find and give motivation, and make awesome new friends. *This week's photo theme was "animals" so I found this to be more than appropriate :)) you can see Tucker isn't as thrilled as Jeice to be wearing antlers!

1| Clean up and get organized. I have been so busy lately where my house has become a complete disaster. There is laundry that needs to be put away or washed, papers that need to be filed or thrown out,  unfinished projects, gifts that need to be wrapped...all these things are no joke laying around different parts of my house and it's starting really bug me. Something must be done!

2| Stop making excuses and get back to exercising. Ever since the week of Thanksgiving, I have stopped my exercise routine. Not necessarily because I don't have time because I do have a couple hours every the morning to walk my dog, eat breakfast, etc.but I have had the "I'll start tomorrow" mentality. It's been "tomorrow" about six times and I still have yet to jump back into it.

3| Stop procrastinating, get it over with! I have been putting off my final projects for about a month. They are all due the middle of next week but instead of dragging them on until the due dates, I want to get them over and done with this week so I can get a head start on enjoying my winter break.

If you would like to participate in this link up as well, click the link below! I'd love to read about your weekly wishes! I'm going to move this post to Mondays :)  I really wanted to get this up yesterday but I literally got home late and was extremely tired. Tucker Tuesday will return next week or possibly later today!

The Nectar Collective

Talk to you soon! xx


  1. Your dogs are adorable in the holiday get-up!

  2. Ha ha my pups got those antlers this weekend too! Yours are much better at sitting still for a picture in them than mine were though!


    1. I was so happy when I found out Unleashed was giving them out since I wanted some for the holiday season! They were being bribed with treats lol

  3. I totally need to get back to exercising too. Gaaah. Good luck and welcome aboard!

  4. Obsessed with your cute doggies in their holiday gear!! Hope you're having a great week so far!

  5. I really need to stop procrastinating too. I have papers and exams next week