Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Adventures of Jeice and Tuck

Hello! As you know by now, Tucker is my dog but I have also mentioned the name Jeice a couple times. Jeice is my best friend's dog and one of the main reasons why I have Tucker today. I have known Jeice since we has 3 months old and he's a year old now.  Out of all the dogs I know, he is the most well behaved, sweetest snuggler around! Jeice and Tuck get along incredibly well. They didn't come from the same litter but they're still considered brothers since they grew up together and do pretty much everything together:) I figured I should provide some background on him since he'll be in a lot of my blog posts as well!

Anyway, it has been raining the past couple days but there was a little break in the rain so we ventured out to a dirt trail close to my home yesterday. Brittanys are gun dogs so they have a strong natural ability to hunt. Neither my best friend or I are hunters (we live in the suburbs so hunting isn't that common anyway)  but the boys still have a blast chasing birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals. Since they're high energy dogs, it was important to let them use some energy/get some exercise before it started raining again so they didn't have the need to destroy things at home. Both Tuck and Jeice fight trashcans when they don't get enough exercise (only happened about three times and we're hoping to keep it that way). Needless to say, the boys enjoyed their outing yesterday and nothing was destroyed! yay!

Luckily there weren't any massive mud puddles so clean up wasn't too horrible! 

If you have a pet, what kind of activities do you like to do to keep them busy on a rainy day?

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