Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tucker Tuesdays

Hi guys! I haven't decided quite yet but I'm going to try this out for awhile. Just like my What I Want Wednesdays posts, I am thinking of sharing Tucker related things on tuesdays. If you don't already know, Tucker is my sweet, adorable Brittany puppy that I love tremendously. Now it's not necessarily going to be all about Tucker specifically but I do know there are a lot of pet parents out there so I figured I could share my favorite pet food, toys, treats, etc. along with training tips and other things that I know I look for when I'm looking for food or toy reviews to hopefully help some of you out and even the process I went through to determine what kind of puppy was going to be right for me to help out those of you who want a dog but can't decide what breed would be a perfect fit for you.

Moving along, I am always looking for new treats for my pup. I am also a huge believer in feeding him food with ingredients that I am familiar with...same with our food! I mean, who really wants to eat something that contains an ingredient no one can even really pronounce?! anyway, I have been giving Tuck treats by Zuke's ever since I brought him home and I really like the fact they use natural ingredients. I give him the soft treats which are extremely convenient for training since they're pretty small and easy to carry around. They also have a variety of flavors which I like to believe makes it that enjoyable for dogs. Again, we (as humans) like variety when it comes to our diet so why not provide the same for our pets?

Along with Zuke's, which I use specifically for training, I like using jerky treats by I and Love and You when I feel like giving Tuck a treat just because:) I didn't know this particular brand existed until I came across their salmon oil when I was looking for a new bottle (which I also recommend, will do a review on and will explain why I like using it in a future post) that I mix with Tucker's food because it contains DHA and makes his coat so soft and shiny. 
One of the reasons why I love this company, besides the adorable name, is they truly care about providing the best quality products for pets AND they donate food to several no-kill shelters and adoption centers. In addition, they use USDA/FDA registered facilities, human quality ingredients and free-range, cage-free, wild-caught meat. There are a lot of pet food companies that use animal by-products which do not provide all the nutrients our pets need. I know treats aren't meant to provide a huge source of nutritional value but they're still being consumed so it is important that they contain similar ingredients. I and Love and You has a wide range of products from food, treats, supplements, etc. so definitely check them out if you are in the market for any of those things. It will definitely be worth it!

If you try anything out or want to recommend any treats you give your pet feel free to leave it in a comment down below! I'd love to check it out.

Naturally I have to end this with a picture of Tuck on the way to the park with his Dad :)

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