Thursday, November 7, 2013

Favorite Cold Weather Accessories

Hi everyone! it is finally starting to cool off a little bit in southern California so I was extremely happy to finally wear a couple of my all time favorite cold weather essentials for more than five minutes today :) I say cold weather because to be honest, we don't really have fall or winter here! My two all-time favorite accessories for cooler weather are:

1. Beanies!! specifically the ones that have the little pompom or little ball on top. I used to be more of a fan of the slouchy ones, and I still am, but lately I have really been into these. I was running late this morning and didn't have time to do my hair so I threw a beanie on and it made the perfect accidental addition to my outfit. I forgot how much I love beanies and the styles are adorable this season. The two down below are my go-tos and are currently available at Forever 21 in case any of you are interested!

2.  Boots! I don't discriminate against any style in particular but I am loving the combat boot trend right now. Well, combat boots and ankle boots are my absolute favorites at the moment! I love how they can be worn with anything. I especially love the way they look with dresses! These are my newest boots that recently made their way into my collection. I have been wearing these so much recently!

I'm hoping this cooling trend will continue, I have a lot of warmer clothing and accessories that I am looking forward to style and wear!

What are your favorite cold weather accessories?  Let me know<3

Talk to you soon xx


  1. I love wearing my boots! I also really like wearing tights, under my skirts. :)

    1. I need to stock up on tights! Where do you like shopping for yours?

  2. oooohhh!!! beanies! cutie! <3


  3. i love boots too !!! i 'm desperately looking for a new one but i cannot find my size :-( would you like to follow each other ?^-^ let me know <3