Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tucker Tuesday + Thanksgiving Plans

Hi everyone! today was pretty busy for me since I was at school all day and with the semester coming to an end, I have a bunch of final projects due and a plethora of finals to study for. Even though I was absolutely exhausted and mentally drained (I was at school for about 10 hours today), I came home to the cutest, happiest little pup in the world and instantly had a rush of energy again. Do any of you pet parents feel that instant burst of happiness,after a tough day, the moment you see your animal? Tucker always has that affect on me! Anyway, I felt bad for the little guy being stuck inside all day so I brought him down to his favorite park to play with all of his best friends:) turned out he was still pretty exhausted from a hike he and Jeice went on the other day so he was ready to go after about an hour and a half.

*Tucker and Jeice go on a hike.

Now we're both relaxing at home. Well he's relaxing, I'm catching up on work and finalizing my Thanksgiving menu/making sure I have everything I need so I can do some last minute grocery shopping in the morning if I have to. This is my first time hosting Thanksgiving and I'm actually pretty excited:) If you have any tips, please leave it in a comment down below! it would be greatly appreciated.

Talk to you soon! xx

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