Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Want: Wednesdays#4

Hi everyone! I found this black Leroy Street Davies bag while shopping on and it was love at first sight. I am in currently in the process of trying to stop carrying the entire world with me and downsized to a small Michael Kors bag but this one looks like it would be the perfect size. The only larger items I carry with me are a water bottle and whatever book I'm reading at the time, which I usually have to hand carry since my MK bag is too small. On a sidenote, I love the feeling of flipping through pages of a book so yes, I still carry actual books. I love the shape, size and I think we can all agree the gold spade hardware is just perfect! My favorite feature is that the main compartment has a magnetic closure,as opposed to a zipper, which makes everything inside that much easier to access.

Is there a bag you have your eyes on? If so, let me know in a comment down below :) 

Talk to you soon! xx


  1. Lovely bag! Kate Spade offers some of the nicest bags, I love the structured look of this one :)


  2. I love Kate Spade bags. They look so fun and will hold up nice. Her bags are on my "when I'm rich and famous" wish list.

  3. lovely bag :)