Friday, November 15, 2013

Tucker : Pets Are People Too linkup

Hi guys! Some of you already know that I save Tuesdays for posts relating to Tucker but I decided on an extra for this week because those of you who have been following my blog for awhile know I absolutely love my dog. For those of you who are new or just dropping by, hello and welcome!:) you too will find out  soon and fast that Tucker is my world<3 He's my little fur baby! You can meet Tucker here.

I found this blog linkup hosted by two of my favorite bloggers and immediately had to join in, obviously!

Anyway, this was perfect timing because I was just reorganizing photos on my laptop and couldn't help but gush over how fast my little fur baby has grown! There were a few in particular that stood out to me that I wanted to share with the rest of you. This is Tucker when he was just a little guy at 3mos. old (he's 9 months now) playing tug with his big brother, Jeice: (Jeice is my best friend's dog, we decided to call them brothers since we're pretty much family)
They have gotten along SO well since day one. Jeice even acts like a big brother, being all disgruntled about having to take a picture...
but he'll humor us and take the picture anyway:)
This was Tucker's first time at the beach! his face <3 poor little guy was terrified but I'm glad to report that the beach is one of his favorite places to explore now(as you can see below). We luckily live in southern California so we almost always have perfect beach weather and yes, we do visit the beach quite often!

I can go on for days but this would be one super long post! With all the pictures I just recently rediscovered, you will definitely be seeing more of Tucker.(& Jeice)

eh..why not one more before you go? :)

Talk to you soon! xx


  1. Awwww ur doggies are adorable! I also cant believe how fast my puppy is growing :S


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    1. thank you:) Its ridiculous how fast puppies grow! every moment of it is awesome though<3

  2. aww they're both so cute. it's amazing how they get big so fast. and they really look like they're related too. thanks for linking up with us :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. thanks &thanks so much for hosting this:) great to know so many people love their pets as people too!

  3. Your dogs are so cute! So true, dogs are just people with 4 legsm a tail & some fur! haha. i just came across your blog & I'm so happy that I did :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. thank you:)) couldn't agree with you more! I definitely prefer dogs over people a lot of the time lol &thank you for stopping by! I'm currently surfing your blog right now<3 coming across new blogs is my favorite!

  4. your dogs are sooo adorable!
    wish I had a dog but I live in a apartment so i cant :(
    anyway, you have a nice blog!


    1. thanks:) I hope you can have a fur baby of your own one day<3