Sunday, November 17, 2013

Forever 21/Cotton On haul

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a couple things that I found while out and about today since I got some great deals. I wasn't planning on buying anything but I couldn't resist! I was able to limit myself to basics or things I knew I have wanted for awhile which definitely took A LOT of willpower.

My first stop was Forever 21. I used to LOVE this store but I stopped shopping here for awhile since I got annoyed with how hard it was to find things. I was lured in today because of an e-mail I got saying they were having a 15% off regular priced items Friends & Family event. I walked in for the first time in forever (pun intended ;) and found a couple things before that overwhelming annoyance took over again. I've accepted the fact that Forever 21 will always have a love/hate relationship. Anyway, I love the 3 pieces that I found!

The first item is a pair of brick/taupe woven shorts. The color combination of brick/taupe/aqua makes this perfect for fall and can even transition into other seasons. I love the print and the fact that they're super comfy:) They kind of look like pajamas but they're not. The next item is a rust, pleathery type skirt. I mainly got it because of the color and the material. I don't own anything of either so I thought it would make a cute piece to add to my closet and it looks great on! The last thing I got was a black l/s knit crop top that has a cut out by each elbow. I really like the cut outs because it gives something so basic that extra also pairs nicely with the rust skirt. Like I mentioned, everything was 15% off so I spent less than $40 for these 3 items. Not bad!

After Forever 21, I stopped by Typo to pick up a new notebook to jot down my blogging ideas. I've been using post its lately and my room has just become a big mess of post its with blogging topics, to-do lists and other reminders. I found a notebook but I was suckered into shopping through Cotton On (same company) before I left since the sales guy told me that if I spend $40 today I'll get $15 off my next purchase and since I'm THAT customer, I definitely spent the $40. Oh and on a sidenote, anyone else as excited as I am that foxes and stags are a thing now? Typo had so many fox/stag themed things and I was tempted to buy them all<3 but I didn't. Yet.
Alright so I picked up what I originally walked in for. The notebook cover was just too adorable and it was on sale so why not. I also picked up a new phone case. Don't know if you can tell from the picture but it says, "oh for fox sake" with a little fox on it so I just had to. Then from Cotton On I picked up a pair of black flats that have bows on them because they were only $10 and I was in need of black flats. The last things I got were a basic, prune colored cami and a plain white crop top. It is still warm where I live so I can still get away with tanktops without freezing. I do plan on layering with these though.

If you couldn't already tell, I love basic pieces:) They're really easy to style and to accessorize. 

So much for me not buying clothes. I was doing so well until the whole discount thing lol! Anyone else THAT customer? I know I can't be the only one. 

Talk to you soon! xx


  1. LOVE Forever 21! I never leave without something! Great haul.


  2. forever 21 can be great for the price but I can get annoyed in there too since it's so cluttered!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

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  4. Love the adorable notebook! :)

    I agree, ease of shopping is a definite FACTOR in determining how much I frequent a store.