Monday, November 4, 2013

time for a little haul!

Hi guys! I was running some errands today and found a cute store called Marukai, and they sell a bunch of Japanese beauty, food, home decor, dinnerware, etc. This place is very similar to Daiso which is more well known in Orange County and Los Angeles. I was naturally intrigued so I walked in to just take a look. This place has some fantastic deals! I was on a time crunch so I couldn't stay long but from what I saw, they had a variety of different containers that would be perfect for makeup storage for only $1.50 each! It kind of bummed me out that I didn't really need any since I just recently updated by makeup organization but I will definitely be stopping by here once I need more. They also had a wide range of makeup products, skincare products, lashes, hair accessories and so much more, most being under $5. Obviously the more popular brands such as Dolly Wink and several BB Creams were priced higher.

Like I mentioned, I was on a time crunch so I didn't get to explore much besides the beauty section but here are some of the things I was able to pick up. When I have time I will be going back to do some more shopping :) There are some tea sets and skincare products that I MUST check out.

Everything I purchased today cost less than $10. YAY! 

-Skinlite Make-up Cleansing Tissues: I recently ran out of my favorite neutrogena wipes so I decided to pick up the Green Tea wipes. I heard asian makeup wipes work better so I'm hoping its true! All I know so far is that it smells pretty good.

-BB Face Mask with collagen: This comes in a pack of 2 and it looks interesting. I love face masks so I'm really excited to try it out! I'll hopefully have a review sometime soon.

-Two of the products I picked up are written in Japanese so I don't exactly what they're called. I just know that one is a teasing be honest, I bought a total of 3 since they only $1 each...and the other item is a face cleanser which I also needed.

-The last item I purchased was a little ceramic cup thats supposed to be used for tea but I haven't decided if I want to use it for that or as a decorative piece. Their selection of teapots and cups were so cute, I want them all!

I'm super excited to go back and try out their makeup and skincare products. I always look forward to trying something new!

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  1. Yes, this shop remind me of Daiso. I love Daiso esp when it's super affordable. I think I will love this shop too if they were to open one at where I live. :) xoxo!
    Sincerely Renny